The best shop solutions for dropshipping

What is the best CMS to create a dropshipping website?

Choosing an online solution is not necessarily easy. They all have their advantages and disadvantages but they all have their own characteristics. Some are more suitable for beginners but less customisable and vice versa. In this guide we will help you to make the choice that best suits your business and your way of working. Of course we will not forget to present you the prices to know if it is adapted to your budget or not.

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The best CMS
The best online software to create a website that sells in 2022
Our opinion on dropshipping with Drtech

Our opinion on dropshipping with Drtech

Hello Drtech is a fairly recent solution that has completely changed the market. Perfectly adapted to dropshipping, the solution is very easy to use. In just a few clicks you can set up an efficient shop and make your first sales. The customer journey is optimised and there are no hidden costs. You will also have 100% French support and a very responsive Facebook group with e-commerce experts at your disposal. Finally, this solution offers more than advantageous prices since for only 49€ you can have a shop and manage it on a daily basis. As long as you don't exceed 500€ in sales, you won't have any monthly fees
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Our opinion on dropshipping with Shopify

Our opinion on dropshipping with Shopify

Shopify is one of the most widely used e-commerce solutions on the market today. Through this comparison you will be able to have a maximum of information on this solution so much highlighted by the influencers and the dropshipping trainers. Our opinion on Shopify is based on a large number of criteria such as price, features etc... we have established it with experts including Shopify partners.
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Our opinion on dropshipping with Dropizi

Our opinion on dropshipping with Dropizi

Dropizi or Shopify? This is a question that you will have to deal with before you start. If it is not necessarily easy to decide, we will give you all the elements to be sure to find the solution that suits you best. Dropizi is a 100% French solution that is a solid alternative to Shopify. Thanks to our review of Dropizi you will find all you need to know about its advantages, disadvantages and of course the price of a Dropizi website.
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Our opinion on dropshipping with Woocommerce

Our opinion on dropshipping with Woocommerce

Woocommerce is the e-commerce plugin for Wordpress. It is one of the most used CMS in the world. It allows you to have control over any aspect of your shop and to customize it greatly. If it is so popular today, it is due to its simplicity compared to other solutions such as Prestashop or Drupal for example. In terms of scaling, Woocommerce is a very solid solution as you can deploy your site in no less than 50 languages. This is enough to conquer new markets! As far as development is concerned, there is no need to worry, there are a lot of professionals to help you.
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Our opinion on dropshipping with Wix

Our opinion on dropshipping with Wix

Wix is a CMS that has been on the market for almost 20 years now! Created in 2006, 1 year before Prestashop, this CMS is still very popular today. There are many advantages when using this solution. Contrary to its competitors, Wix is as well adapted to neophytes as to webmasters. To set up a dropshipping site, the solution is quite easy to use and customise. You can easily make your site more attractive and add richer content than on other solutions. Of course you will find an application shop to help you build your shop.
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Our opinion on dropshipping with Prestashop

Our opinion on dropshipping with Prestashop

Prestashop is an open-source solution launched in 2007. Today it represents a little over 5% of e-commerce sites, just behind Shopify. This solution is the most flexible on the market and if you know how to use it well, you will have absolutely no limits in terms of possibilities and customization. Throughout this comparison we will highlight all the advantages of this solution as well as its disadvantages. We will discuss all the aspects related to this solution and in particular the addons.
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Our opinion on dropshipping with Ecwid

Our opinion on dropshipping with Ecwid

Ecwid is a slightly different solution from other CMS. It has historically been aimed at small businesses who want to start selling online or anyone with an existing online presence. However, it has also been very effective in launching a shop from scratch for a few years now. This solution is not widely used in France, but is extremely popular in the US. It includes all the necessary aspects to set up an online shop quickly and for free. Ecwid has nothing to envy to Shopify and will allow you to easily run a dropshipping shop.
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Solutions for your needs

The best tools to set up a dropshipping shop

CMS features

A comparison of features

The functionality of your solution will be the crux of the matter! They are all very similar, but it is the features that will make you choose one or the other.

The best prices

A price comparison

Customisation and functionality are good. But it is also important that the price-quality ratio is there! An overpriced feature on a tight budget is to be avoided at 2000% when starting a dropshipping business.  

Ease of use of CMS

A comparison of ease of use

Functionality and price are the basis, we agree. But to find the best solution for your business, you need to go further and find the solution that is easiest for you. Dropshipping requires a lot of work, so making sure you have the right solution is important.

The key to success.

The best CMS for dropshipping in 2022

Dropshipping is an extremely interesting and motivating project. The only problem is that there is far too much information and content on the subject. Just choosing the solution you are going to use is a real ordeal. I had a hard time choosing for a long time and I had to try several in order to really find the solution that suited me the most.

To help you I have prepared a small comparison of the 7 most popular dropshipping solutions. After having tried each one for a while I can give you my opinion and present you the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

This ranking is certainly based on the information I have gleaned from the internet but also on my personal experience, there is no guarantee that the solution at the top of our ranking is the one you prefer, we just give you the arguments to choose the best way.

Winning products are considered to have a huge potential to make dropshipping shops take off.

They do not really depend on the suppliers, you can find the same product with several suppliers or manufacturers, identical or with variations.

However, you will need to ensure that your suppliers are reliable and that they deliver on time so as not to create dissatisfaction among your customers.

What is a good CMS for dropshipping?

For a dropshipping solution to be optimal, it must be relatively easy to set up.

Indeed, whether you are looking for a one shot shop with one product or a long term shop with your own brand, your own products etc... it is necessary that the setting up of your shops is not infernal. It is more than easy to get lost in the details and get discouraged.

That's why the more a site starts the better the solution (there are exceptions though). This is one of the criteria we used to rank the best drop-in CMS.

Simple and clear day-to-day management

Installation is not everything ? Once this phase is over, it will be necessary to manage the site on a daily basis.

Some are clearly more efficient than others, being able to find all the information you need easily is a MUST for a CMS, especially if you use it every day.

On this point we would like to reassure you that most of the sites that offer to create e-commerce shops are relatively easy to understand and you don't necessarily need technical skills to understand how they work.

Integration with core applications and optimisation of the customer journey

A good CMS is also a site that offers simple integrations with the best e-commerce applications. Those that are necessary to make a business last in time.

You should not encounter a single technical problem that your solution cannot solve (ideally), the aim is to keep it simple but above all to make you feel good when you work.

It will be your work tool on which you will spend a lot of time so it must be adapted to most of your needs and those of your customers, so look carefully if your CMS :

- Is not too slow (your customers won't convert otherwise)

- Has an optimised sales tunnel

- Integrates essential applications

- Fits you perfectly

- Is pleasant to use.

- Suggest themes and aspects that appeal to you.

Prices that are within your budget

Some CMS offer subscriptions while others (open-source) offer free or pay-as-you-go modules.

In all cases there is no real question of "too expensive", what really matters is whether the solutions are suitable for your budget or not.

Don't go for a cheaper website just to save money, it's a very bad idea. Invest properly in your work tool so that it is both pleasing to you and really effective.

Similarly, if the implementation of a CMS is expensive, this is not necessarily a guarantee of quality. Don't go for the most expensive one on the market thinking it's the best.

✨ Bonus: SEO, an aspect too often neglected

SEO optimizations are an aspect that is extremely important. In our opinion it is necessary that your CMS is SEO-friendly otherwise you will have no chance of attracting your customers even if your site looks great.

This aspect will naturally increase your traffic and allow you to spend less on advertising and SEA/Facebook advertising.

To finish on this part, don't forget to check if "AMP technology" is taken into account with your CMS, it is necessary for the pages to appear on mobile. Today, about 70% of purchases are made on the phone.

Do not miss this information.


The best CMS to launch your dropshipping shop in 2022 :

1- Dr Tech is one of the most promising solutions on the market. It is a nugget that we believe will soon steal a huge number of customers from Shopify.

It is very reasonably priced and features an offer that allows you to pay only once €49 until you have made 10 times that amount in sales (i.e. €500).

At Dr.Tech you will find the best applications on the market natively integrated and this in a totally free way. So you'll get the best Woocommerce plugins for free with Shopify simplicity.

In a way, it is the best of both worlds combined in the same solution.

The icing on the cake is that the solution is 100% French and you have a golden support at your disposal as well as an active Facebook group that answers questions from all its users.

If you are interested, I invite you to have a look right here:

2- Shopify

Shopify is the best known and most featured dropshipping solution by influencers. If this is the case, it is not by chance. It is the most intuitive and easiest to set up.

A real must-have for launching shops quickly, especially single-product shops, the solution has the advantage of being very affordable compared to other competing solutions, starting at €29 per month for the first plan.

In addition, you will have a 14-day trial period if the solution does not suit you.

However, due to its large number of themes and its SEO optimisation, the solution is quite adaptable and customisable to a certain extent. The only downside is that the solution offers a large number of applications that are not free and that can quickly increase your budget.

If you want to know more about Shopify and dropshipping have a look right here.

3- Dropizi

Dropizi is a powerful French solution that is gaining more and more popularity. It is mainly aimed at beginners with no knowledge of dropshipping.

It offers 360° shop integrations with free training to fully understand the e-commerce ecosystem. Moreover, it offers native integrations with some dropshipping suppliers.

Although these integrations are really just shortcuts (requiring you to create paid accounts with the suppliers) it is more than nice to have many aspects of dropshipping in one place.

In addition, a 100% French support and a support worthy of the name. Dropizi is an excellent solution if you want to get started and customization is not the most important issue for you. The price is 32€ per month, which is about average for this kind of solution.


4- Woocommerce

We are finally entering the category of open-source CMS where you will be able to modify all aspects of your online shop.

If Woocommerce is not higher in the ranking it is simply because it is less adapted to beginners than SaaS or "shop in hand" solutions. Indeed, in order to navigate easily with a Woocommerce site, you will need to be patient and willing to learn because you are truly the creators of your site.

This will inevitably take more time, but with some effort and/or cost (paying for modules) you will be able to build a 100% customizable site that looks and feels like you.

There is also a very large community of developers and agencies ready to help you in case of a glitch. It is not for nothing that it is the most widely used solution in e-commerce today, with a market share of almost 30% worldwide.

Woocommerce is for you if you are patient, have skills or are a hard worker at heart.

5- Wix

It is difficult to establish a ranking of CMS without talking about Wix. The solution seems to be less popular with budding dropshippers and influencers but it still has a number of advantages and interesting features coupled with ease of installation and use.

One of its great strengths lies in its simplicity to add rich content thanks to a powerful drag and drop editor. An AI also helps you and customisation is very very important through Wix.

A small drawback is that it is less optimised for SEO than some competing solutions (even if there has been progress) and pages slow down due to the rich content.

The big advantage, however, is the price, as the first plans of the solution start at only 5€40, allowing you to test the potential of a product quite easily.


6- Prestashop

How can we not mention Prestashop in a ranking of the best CMS for dropshipping? A popular solution before the explosion in popularity of SaaS services, Prestashop is an open-source solution that will allow you to modify any aspect of your site.

Its great strength is also one of its main weaknesses as it is not recommended for beginners. If you have skills and a big budget then go for Prestashop (modules have a cost) to let your creativity and improvements take over.

Because of its open-source component, integrations with third-party applications are still more complicated or expensive than competitors such as Shopify for example.

In our opinion Prestashop is more suitable for medium to intermediate sized businesses than for dropshippers who want to start up. Despite numerous improvements and new versions, the solution remains too unstable for dropshipping and will be slightly more suitable for e-commerce activities in the classical sense of the term.

7- Ecwid

To finish this ranking we will mention a solution that is not very well known in France but which is very popular in the USA. Ecwid is originally intended for all merchants who already have an online presence and wish to start selling online.

However, the offer has been adapted so that it is possible to launch a shop even from 0. The functionalities are certainly not the best but this service is offered completely free of charge. However, beware of the e-commerce "mode" which is not necessarily available with the basic version.

Overall the solution is clearly cheaper than most of its competitors but also offers less performance in terms of dropshipping.

If it is a good tool to test the potential of a product, it is not viable in the long term today for a very simple reason: SEO.

In a world where almost 2/3 of online purchases are made on mobile, it is not really recommended to use a solution that does not take AMP technology into account and that tends to produce rather slow pages.

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