The best acquisition methods for dropshipping

The best techniques and tools to attract customers

Once you have your online shop, and your brand new winning products, all that remains is to make your shop public for all to see. Customers will not come by themselves at first and it is necessary to put in place different techniques and tools to make your business known. Once you get the ball rolling, customers will naturally come and you can finally get your dropshipping shops off the ground. If you run your acquisition campaigns correctly, you can quickly afford to work less and achieve financial freedom very quickly.

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The best online solutions to acquire traffic
Retargeting customers

Tools for re-launching dropshipping customers: Retargeting

Getting customers is not easy in dropshipping. It is important to multiply the acquisition channels to make sure you don't miss out on any potential customers. However, once customers are interested, even vaguely, many dropshippers are no longer interested. This is a serious mistake because these are the easiest customers to get and all that is needed is one last effort...
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Find influencers easily

How to find influencers in dropshipping

Influencer marketing is a strategy that relies on the use of "personalities" or public figures to promote one's product or brand...
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SEO tools

The best tools to optimise your SEO

Your site has style, lots of style. However, the traffic is not up to your expectations and this is normal! Thanks to SEO and different tools you will be able to optimize your entire site to better rank on search engines and especially Google (90% of French use). There are no less than 200 criteria today to determine the ranking of a page. Unlike other methods of acquiring customers, SEO is a sustainable technique as long as your competitors do not overtake you...
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SEA tools and paid traffic

The most powerful paid traffic tools

Free traffic or SEO is a very effective way of acquiring long term traffic but it takes a long time to set up. While waiting for it to take off and bring you continuous traffic it is necessary to compensate by using paid traffic methods...
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Multiplying clients and adding up revenues

A huge market is waiting for you


This is the number of billions of euros spent by French people online alone in 2021. This number is up by 15% this year. This is enough to make you want to optimise your shop so that it gains visibility and attracts customers.

Getting started in dropshipping

of growth to close the year 2020 for e-commerce. This is twice the growth of e-commerce in 2019 according to Fevad figures. At the same time the number of e-commerce sites has only increased by 11%.


It is the increase in mobile sales. These are only increasing, with a slightly more marked increase on marketplaces. In 2021, 2.1 billion transactions were carried out on the internet. E-commerce now represents 14.1% of retail trade.

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Sustaining success and acquiring customers

Why accelerate your dropshipping acquisition?

Diversification of sales channels in dropshipping

Increase your income

With such a large market, it is difficult to miss customers. However, e-commerce is a very competitive sector. In order to guarantee a solid customer base, you will have to go and find your customers, who are used to being solicited in this environment.

Diversifying your dropshipping channels

Diversify its channels

Not putting all your eggs in one basket is a saying that applies quite well in dropshipping. You don't necessarily know what tomorrow will bring. If ever the acquisition codes change radically from one day to the next (advertising, email, etc.) you have to be able to cope and adapt.

Increase awareness of and engagement with your site and brand

Increasing awareness

If you want to be able to work less and less you will have to automate your acquisition quite quickly. To do this, your customers must know you and come to you on their own, but that's not all. You also need to be well referenced on search engines in order to benefit from a permanent natural traffic.

The key to success.

Acquiring dropshipping customers in 2022

In order to determine which acquisition techniques are most effective for your sector and your budget, we have provided a ranking of the best tools for each major acquisition "family".

We will of course give you our opinion on each technique, their cost and the cases in which they can be most relevant and effective.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or natural referencing

This first method is the one we prefer. Although it takes some time to set up and bear fruit, it is one of the most effective in the long term.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is simply getting the algorithms of Google and Bing (and other search engines) to place your site in the first position when a user searches.

As a reminder, it is necessary to be at the top of the pages because almost 60% of clicks during the search are distributed among the first 3 results of the page.

The ranking of a page depends on a large number of factors, but it is important to remember that the more attractive a page is and the longer it "keeps" the customer, the better your ranking will be in the search engines.

This is a very, very simple generalization because in reality many other factors come into play but it is a good start. Moreover, the criteria are constantly evolving according to the algorithms of the search engines. For example, today it is necessary that the pages of your website are optimised for mobile.

We will go into a little more detail in the comparisons of each solution to optimise your SEO.

You will see that you do not have to go through an agency to optimise your site and that there are a number of tools available so that you can build a very solid foundation on your own.

SEA and advertising on social networks

Just before we talked about natural referencing, which is more or less free, we will now talk about paid referencing and advertising.

As the name suggests, SEA or search engine advertising involves paying search engines to make your site appear at the top of the page when a certain keyword is typed by users.

This is a good way to attract quality traffic in large numbers. You will need to know your acquisition costs inside out as most search engine advertising works on a pay-per-click basis so you will be charged every time a user clicks on the ad.

Optimising your conversion will therefore be a crucial issue in order to benefit from the advantages of ATS.

Social media acquisition is also a very powerful channel to attract customers. It is one of the most popular methods used by dropshippers. You have probably already heard of Facebook Ads for example.

The principle is quite simple, put your product or service on a social network in order to benefit from this audience. We will see all the different channels that exist and which are the most effective.

To make another very simple generalization, the more audience a social network has, the more expensive it will be to acquire on it.

Influencers and platforms to work with them.

How can we talk about social networks and not talk about influencers. They also have a huge audience. If they promote a product you are almost guaranteed that it will sell like crazy in the next few days.

However, influencers have recently been criticised for their reliability and their sometimes exorbitant costs. Today we will focus on the best platforms to find these influencers at the best price with a guarantee.

No more private messages without any framework, the solutions presented take care of your relationships from A to Z and secure the influence market which was previously very poorly supervised.

The revival of its visitors, customers already conquered

The last very important acquisition post that we are going to discuss in this guide is the one that is often forgotten, yet it is the most important and one of the simplest to exploit.

Indeed, customers who have already shown some interest in your site or have even gone so far as to place an order are the customers you need to pamper.

In order to do this, you will not only have a golden customer service in case of problems but you will also have to deploy a whole set of strategies such as newsletters, promotional codes etc...

Let's see together which are the best strategies with the best tools adapted to your budget.

Let's go!

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