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The United States is the cradle of e-commerce. With a population of nearly 330 million people, the market is one of the largest in the world and will offer you unprecedented opportunities. Be careful though, it is one of the most competitive markets in the world in terms of dropshipping. With a good preparation you should be able to make it.

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Expand your dropshipping sales in the USA with the best wholesalers and suppliers.

600 billion
600 billion

This is the astronomical revenue generated by the American market. It is in 2nd position behind China. The increase in 2021 is 11%.

330 million inhabitants
330 million inhabitants

This is a great customer base. Especially if they consume a lot, it is a real gold mine.

A territory to conquer
A territory to conquer

The territory of the USA is very large, you will have to work with suppliers able to quickly deliver your customer no matter where he is located.

Very fast delivery.

100,000+ products

products that can be delivered quickly in the US.

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dropshipping specialists.

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suppliers available for your dropshipping business in the United States.

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How to get dropshipping suppliers in the US?


The e-commerce sector is an extremely lucrative sector in the US. Not only did the Covid-19 pandemic have a positive impact on the development of the discipline, but it was combined with a very consumer-friendly culture

Today, no less than 245 million Internet users buy online in the USA, which is the second largest market in the world after China. In terms of simplicity and openness to consumption, it is therefore the leading country.

Internet users in the United States spend mostly in sectors related to clothing. Indeed, we note that the clothing and jewelry sectors have seen their number of orders increase the most over the last year.

Unlike many other markets, it's not open to beginners. The United States is extremely saturated in terms of competition, you need to be very experienced in the sector in order to succeed and generate a large number of orders. According to Semrush, it is very difficult to place a dropshipping store just with natural traffic. The general market trend is 99% saturated. It is however possible to position yourself on slightly longer keywords.

It will be necessary to invest in advertising, which is very profitable since the use of Facebook and Instagram is one of the most developed.

Don't miss out on mobile users. In the US, not planning a mobile-optimized or AMP site would be a big mistake. Take this information into account when choosing your website editor.

It is good to note that a large part of the items you find on the market today come from the Aliexpress site. What seems to be a blockage is only a small barrier. Most of the suppliers on this platform have warehouses in Europe and the United States. You will be able to deliver your customers in America in record time.

To finish with the aspects that push you to start dropshipping in the United States, it is important to mention that the market is extremely receptive to innovative concepts and when a product interests you, you can be sure that it will spread all over the territory and count an impressive number of customers. Prepare your order department because it will be put to the test.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when starting dropshipping in the US:

  • The competition is one of the toughest in the world in the dropshipping market, without a real plan you will not be able to grow.
  • The territory is extremely vast, it will be important to select the best carriers to deliver your customers as quickly as possible
  • Secondly, it is worth noting that if you are used to dropshipping in other countries, the economic landscape might be a bit different. The proportion of the budget allocated to online spending can be surprising, so study in depth the pricing policies applied before you start
  • Americans are very sensitive to promotions and bargains, so don't hesitate to use this information to get your online business off the ground.
  • Also it will be crucial to plan big price drops during events like Black Friday for example.
  • The means of payment should not be a problem for you since payments by card are quite frequent, however, do not let
  • Obviously it is necessary that your stores are adapted to the language of the country: English is in the majority

Dropshipping suppliers in the USA.


Dropshipping in the US works a bit like dropshipping in France and Europe. You don't need stock and suppliers and wholesalers used to working on the territory will be able to deliver directly to your customers in all Europe.

Let's summarize the advantages of working with dropshipping suppliers:

- Considerable time saving during delivery and exchanges with your wholesaler compared to traditional players

- Easier communication when negotiating and a huge advantage in the US market (relative to sales volume)

- Faster delivery times.

How to find a supplier to do dropshipping in the US?


Find products

As you can imagine, choosing a dropshipping supplier in the US is not an easy task. Contrary to other markets, you will have no difficulty finding suppliers in any of your niches. The most important thing is to find a reliable supplier.

On the other hand, the market is already very digitalized and you will not encounter any barriers in this respect.Β 

Finding the ideal collaborator will therefore be a long-term task and results will not be guaranteed at the beginning, so don't get discouraged. Efforts will always pay off in the end.

Regarding the new brands that are launching on the market, you can benefit from partnerships with them, do not neglect the use of social networks, these are very used channels in the United States.

Despite a large market the choice of a supplier and/or wholesaler will not be easy and not all of them will be potential dropshipping partners. Do not hesitate to refer to dropshipper groups in order to exchange on the reliability of your collaborators.


Which dropshipping supplier is reliable in the US?


As mentioned above, not all suppliers and wholesalers are equally efficient.

Here are a few steps to quickly assess a supplier's reliability:

- Do they already work with other dropshippers or e-tailers with online stores?

- Do they already have reviews of dropshipper communities in America or specific states in the US?

- Are they already present on dropshipping platforms that bring together suppliers in the US?

- Finally, place a test order with the supplier by delivering yourself or a friend, this is a good way to ensure that the method is respected, that the delivery is white label and that there are no remaining invoices in the package.

The market is very professional, so if you can avoid small mistakes in the set up, your customers will thank you and trust you for the next orders


What are the best marketplaces and dropshipping platforms in the US?


Best suppliers and marketplaces


5. Aliexpress: the global platform

Aliexpress is a reference in dropshipping that is difficult not to mention even in the United States. Of course and true to itself, Aliexpress is a good solution in order to get a large panel of products at a reduced price. The delivery time will not be a problem since many warehouses in the USA are dedicated only to Aliexpress sellers.

Today, if Aliexpress is a good choice of suppliers in the United States, it is because most of the products consumed in the country come directly from China, there is no cultural resilience at this level.

However, be careful when choosing a supplier when using this solution. This is an extremely important step and will greatly determine whether or not your business is successful. Customers will be demanding in terms of the product they receive and you cannot afford to choose your supplier too quickly.

You can also choose to offer only fast delivery products from warehouses closest to you that will be delivered in less than a week to your customers and in white label. This is a great way to start collecting positive reviews from your customers.

Learn a little more about how to select dropshipping suppliers on Aliexpress.


4. Doba: the dropshipping wholesalers catalog

Doba is a very popular marketplace in the United States. It lists more than 100 suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

This marketplace offers a huge number of products in many different categories, with all the products available you can be sure to find something that suits your niche.

Doba's interface is unfortunately not the friendliest and it can be quite difficult to navigate the site or figure out how to add products to your stores.

Regarding the use of Doba, you will be able to connect your Shopify store and add your products (once the interface is well integrated)

The use of Doba is on the other hand paying but you will have access to 2 million different items. Shipments are fairly fast and you will be kept informed by email about new items.


3. Modalyst

Modalyst is one of the oldest solutions in the dropshipping sector in the United States. Recently the solution has been acquired by Wix.

So building a store with Modalyst products on Wix has never been so easy. This solution is still quite popular although it is not the most popular or the most efficient solution.

However, the tool will offer you a very large number of suppliers and products. The backoffice of Modalyst is also well thought out, nothing to do with what a marketplace like Doba can offer you, Modalyst has designed an interface adapted for all dropshippers.

Navigating this interface is quite simple and adding products should not be a problem.

The solution also has a mobile application that makes it easier to use and track your inventory.

The products offered for sale are also available in white label which is a big plus in dropshipping. You will have the possibility to make very important margins.

The only downside to Modalys is its pricing system, transaction fees can quickly become high and there are not really any more profitable plans with the platform.


2. BigBuy: the wholesale dropshipping


At the beginning BigBuy was just a simple dropshipping supplier. Due to the demand and the turnover, the platform quickly developed a lot of features to meet the needs of dropshippers all over Europe. Today it is quite difficult to list the best suppliers in the dropshipping industry without mentioning Bigbuy.

Although BigBuy's warehouses are located in Spain, delivery is offered with a large number of options and you will be able to deliver your customers quickly on a white label basis and even in the United States, our European supplier really has no limits.

All product categories are covered and you also have access to a range of refurbished products, but be careful when you choose them because out of stock refurbished products are quite frequent.

To access the 140,000 products of the Spanish giant you have 2 solutions, go directly through their site and purchase a monthly dropshipping package or you can also directly use the Dropix solution which offers all their products.


1. Dropix and the best dropshipping suppliers

As you can see, we have developed the platform to meet all the needs of dropshippers. We offer a list of the best dropshipping suppliers across Europe and now the whole world, including the USA.

We have focused our features on fast delivery, you will be able to deliver quickly to your customers in America and in any state thanks to our top suppliers.Β 

Today you will have access to the largest product catalog with all the available automations for your stores. The objective: to allow e-merchants to gain time and productivity in their daily activity.

On Dropix, you can find all the best suppliers in Europe at the same place like:

- AliExpress

- BigBuy

- Aliexpress Global


Our service offers you the possibility to easily connect your favorite e-commerce solutions such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Ebay and many more! The orders go directly from your e-commerce solutions to your suppliers' websites.

Small bonus, our help center is dedicated to learning all the techniques in e-commerce and dropshipping. Our support responds within 1 hour to assist you in your project.


E-commerce in the USA and online stores


To complete the presentation of the dropshipping sector in the United States, here is a quick overview of additional information you may need in order to do dropshipping in the United States.

The barriers to entry are much higher than in Europe, setting up a store simply with natural traffic will require a great effort. According to Semrush, the difficulty of such a business is estimated at 98%.

Once again, we recommend using the most popular solutions to set up your e-commerce sites:

- Shopify

- Woocommerce

- LightSpeed

- Magento


Good to know but the market also knows a very large use of Ecwid software (which is not necessarily as popular in Europe for example).


The most popular categories in e-commerce in the US market is the following:

  • Fashion and Clothing
  • Leisure
  • Toys and crafts
  • Electronics and Multimedia
  • Food and Hygiene
  • Furniture


Finally, here are some suppliers to add to your list if you want to work with local suppliers:

  • Printful (POD)
  • FragranceNet (Perfume)
  • Dropshipdeals (clothing and accessories)
  • Marshal Imports (general supplier)
  • Nearly Natural (plants and vegetation)

Find what to sell in dropshipping in the United States



Products for sale

Selling verified winning products


The first solution in order to be sure not to make a mistake in dropshipping is obviously to analyze your customers and your competitors and this is even more true in an extremely competitive sector like the USA. Of course, you will have at your disposal a large panel of tools to allow you to select the best niche on which you want to position yourself.

First of all, use the "best selling products" section on your Marketplaces as much as possible, like on Amazon for example. It remains one of the most visited e-commerce sites in the world and especially in the US. These are the sites that attract the most traffic and where the most purchases are generated so make the most of this feature.

Also look at the products that sold best during events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, they often allow you to anticipate the products that will sell best the following years.

You can also use a little more macro data and rely on the information from the biggest dropshipping platform in the world: Aliexpress. With this information you can be sure to know which products are the most sold by the number of times they are ordered.

First solution: manual search


At first, you may well decide to filter the best products by yourself. In this case you will have to be patient and use the right filters in order not to get tangled up in the Chinese platform.

First choose the category or even the product you are interested in and do your search. Then you will be able to choose where the product is shipped from.

To get around this we recommend that you don't select a country but instead look at the "Delivered in 12 days" option. This is a little more precise than the country selection and should allow you to refine your search.

Beware, however, of the notorious "pitfalls" of fast deliveries. You will often be unpleasantly surprised to find that the delivery time is finally 1 month, unless you pay an astronomical sum for the product to be delivered quickly.

The combination of "Delivered in 12 days" and "Free delivery" is in this case a mix that can be interesting for you. Always make sure to select the warehouses closest to you.Β 

This is one of the most reliable indicators with Aliexpress suppliers since you won't be surprised to learn that the package your customer is supposed to receive is still stuck in customs for example.

Once you have identified your products, always check the reviews of each supplier so that you only order from the most reliable. After-sales service is a real scourge for your business and the less you have to deal with it the more effective and efficient you will be.

However, manual research is not recommended if you want to save time and scale your business quickly. Here we present you with a second alternative that may well help you radically.


Second solution: use Dropix AI


What if we told you that it was possible to have access to a list of pre-filtered products that meet the ideal conditions for a dropshipping shop?

If this solution was unthinkable a few years ago, today it is a reality and dropshippers already use it. Thanks to a system of advanced filters and AI, we retrieve for you only the most interesting products.

You will be able to have the products with the best margins, the fastest delivery times, distributed by the best suppliers and above all in substantial stock to make this product a flagship product for your online shops.

This system will allow you to quickly access the best products and add them to your stores in one click. The AI solution is available with most online stores and marketplaces.

Finally, each dropshipper is different and a filter that is relevant for one seller will not necessarily be relevant for another. This is why the platform also allows you to add filter overlays. This way you can automatically create price and margin rules to easily find and publish only those products that perfectly match your shop's price identity.

It will also be possible to search only the product categories that interest you, always benefiting from the filters on the most interesting products.

The service is free of charge to allow all resellers to benefit from the best products for their store. It is without a doubt the most useful tool



What is the best selling and most sought after item in the US?

After having used the techniques mentioned above, you can also couple your analysis with the most used search engine in the world: Google. The Google Trends tool allows you to target the most searched keywords on a specific market. For the USA you can use this link.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to adapt to the most important searches of Internet users. Very efficient to select a niche or a product. However, be careful if you choose to use a product derived from big brands or movies.

Counterfeits are not really a profitable risk in dropshipping, we strongly advise you not to put on sale products of this kind.


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